Supply chain manager

Supply chain manager

Supply chain manager

Supply chain manager
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Supply chain manager



Interim supply chain manager

• Procurement of raw materials, facilities and equipment.
• Determine stock levels, internal processing times.
• Rationalising planning and forecasting.
• Working with Bill of Material (BOM) / Master Production Plans.
• Experience with planning tools, ERP systems QAD/Oracle.
• Build and classification of storage racks.
• Storage and production of concrete products and electronics.
• Sale of public warehousing components.
• Purchase internal transport and racks.
• Managing pick, pack and ship departments.
• Managing Cycle counting procedures.
• Implementation of ERP systems (Oracle / QAD).
• Successfully managed change processes.
• Proven to inspire others and bind.
• Manages the organization with integrity and transparency.
• Developing a strategic vision based on its own analysis.
• Logistical training at HBO level (Vervoersacademy).
• Hands-on mentality, practical insight and experience.

What can you expect from me?

I'm not the typical supply chain manager (SCM), which basic experience has been to optimize the flow of goods in a company for years after another. But I have gained in the past a lot of different SCM experience in vary positions. My great power and also my added value lies in the combination of SCM with other specialties. Unlike traditional SCM Managers, I am financially very well educated and experienced, but also have a broad foundation in ICT (SQL programmer), Purchasing, HR and commercial matters. Thus, I can quickly and decisively predict effects of various measures throughout the organization and advice the management very precise.

Supply chain experience

1. Rentex Floron 2013-2014 : Interim Logistics Manager.
• Minimize transportation costs and maximize internal flow of goods. Currently engaged in the project “air transport”: combining different products for one customer in the same trolley.

2. Kijlstra Beton 2007: Interim Director, responsible for total company 10M €:
• Procurement and purchasing raw materials, facilities and equipment.
• Controlling production (concrete products plant 120,000 tons ) and solve failures.
• Determine inventory levels and production size batches of finished products.
• Coordinate inventory levels with sales and other sites.

3. Holcim Beton 2008: Interim Transport Manager.
• Coordinating preparation of shipping orders and optimize transport.

4. MBI Beton 2008: Interim Change Manager:
• Improving efficiency by re- locating based on ABC and type of product.

5 . Oenema Transport 2009:
• Warehouse of Lasualec dismantled in Apeldoorn and rebuilt in Heerenveen including racks and materials handling equipment.
• Public warehousing: the commercial sales of warehouse functions: storage, labeling and shipping of goods.

6. Xerox Distribution 1996-2001: 5,5 years of SCM experience:
• Purchase printed parts in Europe + all the logistics (1M €).
• Inventory Planning 3000 articles, all the logistics (30M €).
• Manage internal logistics: Shipping department en production of printers.
• Introduction of ERP systems, Oracle and QAD.

7. Van der Werff Transport 2001-2006:
• Organize and build racks warehouse for Atoglas (10,000 tons acrylaat), develop and implement a warehouse management system for storage, shipping and invoicing.
• Organize internal and external transport and paperwork.
• Invoicing of all warehouse components to the customer.

Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

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