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Travel in my childhood

When I was 18 I traveled with a 40 tons truck through Europe. It was the most fantastic part of my life. Just got my driver’s license, unaware of fears, riding through the night.

Interim manager on the road

During the Xerox years

A couple of years later I went for Xerox many times to the UK and later to the USA. I learned the language and loved to meet different people. I went to the UK by plane but also many times by car.

Travel in the past 6 years

The last 6 years I spent a lot of time visiting prospects and customers mostly in Germany and Belgium. I have been in every part of Germany and know my way in most of the big cities.

The picture on the right is taken on the BAUMA in Munich in 2013. The caterpillar 992 has a weight of 105 tons.

cat 992

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