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Van der Meer Advice

Independent consultant
interim manager

2013, Rentex Floron Bolsward, interim Logistics manager
2013, Name confindential, Acquisition project in Europa
2012, Name confindential, Quick Scan Transport company
2011, Interscandia Staphorst, Financial adviser
2010, MBI Betonproducten, Adviser change logistics
2009, Holcim betonproducten, Interim transport planner
2008, Betonindustrie Veendam, Interim director
2007, Buiter Beton Balkbrug, adviser web marketing

Holtrop van der Vlist

Commercial Director

Commercial tasks and results

  • 120 new clients industry earthmovers.
  • 2 M € new revenue per year.
  • Management of 1000 Prospects and 600 clients.

IT development

  • Development of own CRM Database.
  • Automation, introducing GPS System TraSec.
  • Further development of Groeneveld Roadrunner TMS.

Fleet Management

  • New vehicles with MT designed for transporting heavy equipment.
  • Experience with heavy transport vehicles, purchase, sale and maintenance (200 heavy tractor units).

Oenema Transport

Commercial Director

Commercial tasks and results

  • Restructuring Transportation Department.
  • € 600 K annually loss into profit.
  • 50 new clients and 2M € new turnover.
  • Selling Department Ambulance (5 M €).
  • Preparation acquisition company by sons.
  • 4 European tenders passenger transport (€ 4M).
  • Buying and selling vehicles (1 M € per year).
  • Conducting litigation.

Fleet Management

  • Purchasing, Sales and maintenance trucks. (100 units)
  • Leasing and sales back designs.

IT development

  • Introduction GPS Board Computer and build Interfaces with accounting and planning.

Supply Chain Management

  • Warehouse activities development (5,000 pallets) and cross docking for new clients.
  • Public Warehousing: Storage and making up orders + European shipments.
  • Warehouse demolished in Apeldoorn and moved to Heerenveen.

Van der Werff Logistics

Commercial manager

Commercial tasks and results

  • Close and reorganize office Harderwijk (€ 3M).
  • Acquisition and integration 2 transport companies.
  • Growth of 3M € to 10M € in 5 years.
  • Growth of 35 to 80 trucks in 5 years.
  • Development of warehouse operations.
  • Tenders in transportation (€ 4M).
  • Conducting litigation.
  • Buying and selling vehicles (1 M € per year).

IT development

  • Purchase and implementation TMS Plan and Go!
  • Buying and integration of Transics Board Computers.
  • Development CMS System, MS ACCESS DATABASE newsletters.

Supply Chain Management

  • Organize and build warehouse (10,000 tons).
  • Create and enter into and withdrawal system.
  • Organize internal and external transport.

Fleet Management

  • Purchasing, Sales and maintenance trucks. (100 units)
  • Leasing and sales back operations.

Xerox Distribution Europe BV

Inventory Controller Specialist
Manager Logistics and Customer Service
Project manager integration

Supply Chain Management tasks and results

  • Inventory Controller over 3,000 SKUs, 20 M €
  • Worldwide shipments, containers and road- air cargo.
  • Purchasing Parts UK (€ 1M), final responsibility.
  • Management internal logistics: storage and release of goods.
  • Leading production department, configuring printers.
  • Organizing cycle count and Wall to Wall counts.
  • Responsible for shipments to customers in Europe, damages and organizing quarterly endings.

Project management

  • Organize the complete removal from Heerenveen to Venray. Transfer of inventories (€ 100M) and IT systems. Large and complex project of 1 year.

IT development

  • Implementation of QAD MFG / PRO and Oracle in Heerenveen and Venray (superuser level)
  • Development Interfaces Oracle / MFG / PRO with carriers.
  • Development Xerox Intranet.
  • The design and construction of a complaints database.

Van der Meer - Trade and transport

Various Jobs


Commercial tasks and results

  • Purchasing gardening materials, vehicles and all other supplies with an annual value of  1 M €
  • Selling department of transportation (5 vehicles)
  • Expanding market sector, setting up dealer network.

Active until 2000, later role as advisor.

IT development

  • Website Development, Database for billing and accounting.

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