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    Project manager it

    We offer a complete range of transport automation consultancy : both implementation and optimization of software is possible. We have already in the past, different types of software successfully implemented:

    IT for Transport companies

    • TMS-Software, Plan and Go!, LIS and Groeneveld Road runner
    • GPS-Tracking-Systemen: Trasec, GPS Buddy, FleetWatch, Tom Tom
    • Board Computer like Transics, FleetWatch, Rietveld en GPS Buddy
    • Freight Exchange systemen like Teleroute en Timocom
    Optimization processes within transport

    IT for Warehousing companies

    • MFG/PRO Manufacturing from QAD
    • Oracle, sales and warehousing modules
    • Scan solutions


    • Development of Websites, Google Optimization
    • Development of CRM Systems

    Freight Exchange Systems

    • Teleroute
    • Timocom
    • Tendering and other Freight Exchange Systems like Transporeon


    Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
    Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

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