Interim manager logistics


Interim manager logistics

Interim manager logistics
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van der Meer - Consultancy
Bouwe van der Meer

De line 16
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

KVK Leeuwarden: 011.177.76
VAT number: 109454376B03

Interim manager logistics

Bouwe van der Meer, historie

Bouwe van der Meer (born 1970) grew up in the 80/90 years in a family of entrepreneurs. At a young age he was infected with the "truck virus" where he would never recover from. He ran en finished different schools: MAVO / HAVO / MEAO and later VERVOERSACADEMIE Venlo. Reason for this long road was that he spent every free hour in the family business.

He taught here at a young age truck driving, welding and grinding, truck maintenance but mostly: working. In de evenings he often came inside to: writing bills, typing letters and helping customers. Most of the things he quickly: he simply watched others and tried to do it better. Time over time he tried until he could it better. He read many books on various topics including programming in SQL MSACCES. No one else would study something like that in that specific timeframe.

Later in life someone discovered something special about him: he turns out to be autodidact: a person whose knowledge through self-study, and regardless of any guidance by an educational organization or person has obtained.

After graduating, at the age of 26 he is employed by Xerox / Tekronix in Heerenveen. A wonderful international logistics job within a great company. And of course in the evening he often home to work with the invoices, etc. for the company of his parents. At Xerox, he is often travelling abroad and learns the international world very well. Working at home is gradually shifting to the background.

After five wonderful years, Xerox eventually moved from Heerenveen to Venray. After he had worked here six months as a project manager he decides not to move to Venray: he starts as a manager at van der Werff Logistics in Heerenveen. Together with the director and others, they doubled the company in five years. After almost 6 years, he became the director of a concrete manufacturer in Veendam.

This function fits him ultimately not very good, then he founds Van der Meer - Advice (2007). His first job was interim transportation planner at Holcim paving materials in Sliedrecht. Then there followed six successful years employed by Oenema Transport (3 years) and Holtrop van der Vlist (3 years). Since January 2013 he is a fully independent Advice / Interim Manager as we know him today.

Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

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