Supply chain manager

Consultancy Concrete Producers

Supply chain manager

Supply chain manager
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Consultant Concrete Producers

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Consultant Concrete Producers

• Interim management
• Relocate concrete plants
• Transport consultancy
• Optimization of production
• Tender management
• Purchase of raw materials
• Acquisition of businesses
• Business development
• Marketing projects concrete industry

Experience with concrete products

• Garden Materials: stones, retaining straps, cobblestones etc.
• Raw materials: sand, cement, gravel and additives such as dyes
• Natural: basalt, carrara, lava, rubble etc.
• Industry: concrete slabs, covers, agricultural concrete walls / prefabricated.
• Construction: beams, braces, supports, bridge and tunnel sections.
• Miscellaneous: residential units, prefab, limestone, tiles and liquid concrete.

Marketing and Sales

• Projects Sales, Business Development.
• Marketing, inside sales and field
• Development and support websites and brochures / documentation
• Internet and Google SEO Google Optimization
• Support change

Purchase, Transport and Production

• Purchasing raw materials consultancy
• Complex calculations, subsidairy issues
• Organization transport, planning and management
• Heavy transport, assembly of (large) plant parts such as mixers, presses.
• Tender Management and audit suppliers
• Consultancy international shipments and deliveries (FOB etc.)


• Betonindustrie Veendam, Interim Director
• Kijlstra Betonwaren, Marketing Director
• Holcim Betonwaren, Interim Transport Manager
• MBI Beton, counseling transport project
• Buiter Beton, Internet Project

Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

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