Business Analyst Transport

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Business Analyst Transport
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Business Analyst Transport

My role as Business Analyst Transportation (interim)

The role of the Business Analyst Transportation serves as a liaison between the transportation system users, business partners and IT. This role will be the first point of contact within the transportation team for any system related issues whether originated by IT or the users. They will identify training opportunities, system business process gaps, system performance concerns and system enhancement needs.

This role will be critical with any transportation system implementations to ensure business users are prepared and to provide on-going support for daily operations. In addition this employee will have ongoing responsibilities for identifying and implementing system enhancement and related processes and provide on-going training as needed. Position Responsibilities: Assist in the development and identification of transportation management system needs for the transportation operations and procurement team. Be transportation team's voice and liaison with IT regarding acquisition implementations, system enhancements, and upgrades. Communicate business needs, update transportation leadership with progress on open requests and work with management team to coordinate any planner resource needs for design, testing and implementation support.

We have a great experience with the following vehicle types:

- Heavy load, semi's, low loaders and trucks up to 200 tons
- Transport of construction and earthmoving equipment up to 90 tons
- Transportation of building materials with crane lorries and forklift
- Transportation of bulky goods with mega trailers and volume combinations
- Transport of complete tautliner loads, pallet transport and cargo
- Transport of refrigeration and food with refrigerated trailers
- Transport of bulk goods


Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31
Business Analyst Transportation (interim)

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