Consultant Transport


Consultant Transport
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Transport manager

Consultant Transport

• Experience 500 + 3PL / 4PL companies.
• 20 + years’ experience in transport.
• Planning, sales, management, IT and fleet MT.
• Experience with all types of vehicles.
• Licensing system NL and Europe.
• HACCP Certified Transportation and Logistics.
• Transport Rates and turnaround times.
• Tenders transport / procurement contracts.
• Transportation cargo worldwide.
• Implementing major projects of € 100K.
• Food, cool and frozen transport.
• Import / Export, customs.
• IT Background: TMS, GPS and ERP software.
• Fluent English / German / Dutch.

Loads or products

• High value products like color printers, memory chips.
• Food transport, supermarket distribution, refrigerated transport.
• Palletized cargo, full and parcel loads throughout Europe.
• Bulk cargo, cement, sand, gravel, corn, potatoes, beets.
• Heavy transport, machinery, earthmoving, cranes, shovels, agricultural.
• Exceptional transport, beer tanks, boilers, transformers 100 + tons.
• Building materials, bricks, tiles, window frames, glass, plaster, with forklift.
• Furniture, cabinets, sofas, beds, chairs and accessories.
• Fine transport, boxes and packages.


• Road transport, barge, coasters, air, train, bulk cargo ships.
• Global shipment, ports, transfer and handling.
• European routes, barge, rail and road connections.
• New developments, trucks to liquid gas, hybrid for urban distribution.
• LZW's, roadtrains, all different designs, technical and operational.
• Transportation by semi, low loader, truck with crane, trailer with forklift.

Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

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