interim manager Transport


interim manager Transport

interim manager Transport
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Interim management
Interim manager transport
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My role as interim manager Transport

Unfortunately it is true, the transport sector is facing an outflow of staff. The transport sector is very demanding and too little appreciated by its clients. The transport is the final item of our economy.

So it could happen that your manager got an offer was he could not refuse. The organization lost this face and a person with great knowledge. There was rumor within and outside the company, one of your employees actually wanted that job.
You did not want this employee to apply for that open job for good and you also didn’t want him/her to leave her position.

If you appoint me as interim manager transport you create peace within and outside your organization. As an all-rounder I immediately know the company how to run your business in the right gear. The organization remains sharp under my leadership, you will stil be making money.

Suddenly, the you time on your hand to find a new manager while I prepare the organization for the arrival of the new manager.

We can work in the following sectors:
- Transportation of construction equipment, earthmoving equipment.
- Transportation of building materials
- Transportation of bulky goods
- Transport of complete tautliner loads, pallet transport and cargo
- Transport of refrigeration and food transport
- Transport of bulk goods

We can work in the following departments:
- Sales / Customer service
- Finance / Management
- Marketing
- Planning
- Fleet management / maintenance and repair
- Automation

Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

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