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Quick scan logistic companies

Due to our expertise and broad experience in logistics and transportation, we are able to “read” logistic companies quickly both financially and operational. Improvement programs often go bad due to things that happen in real live and cannot be read on paper. That’s why we read beyond the numbers.

Our Quick scan does not only show the financial numbers but above that the actual situation.
We evaluate your client of these items:
• Profitability of clients
• How many customers make 80%.
• Effectiveness of the organization
• General costs versus direct costs
• State of the fleet
• Culture of the company

Together with your financial information and our a quick scan you will have a complete view of the client. Creditworthiness of your logistics provider is not an question anymore. You want a few extra, well-trained eyes on account? Please contact us.

Interim Finance Director

• Converting losses into profits, improve efficiency.
• Achieve financial targets.
• Reduce financial and operational risks.
• Successfully managed changes.
• Proven to inspire others and bind.
• Manages the organization with integrity and transparency.
• Developing a strategic vision based on own analysis.
• Financial / economic education at HBO level.
• Keen eye for professionalism.
• Empathy and communication skills.
• Knowledge of laws and regulations, taxes.

What can you expect from me?

I'm not a unilateral financial specialist such as a register accountant, tax adviser or controller of a Fortune 500 company. I am, however, very well financially skilled and versed, for example to work and calculate with profit and loss account, balances and how to move these numbers to real live data. My goal is to improve your efficiency.

My strengths are mainly combinations of different experiences and thus the multi-level understanding of the different departments within your company. By combining financial knowledge with practical experience in the field of ICT, commercial, procurement, and human resources, I am be able to achieve great changes.

“Details” method

The following weeks I will dissect your organization in detail. In this method, I go much further than initially would be necessary, but it is my vision if you make important decisions you have to control the details of the business. To create a multilevel view over departments it is essential to have full control over the details. Additionally, you can assume that all proposals, decisions are regularly communicated with you and that  they are 100% based on financial data.

Ontwerp en realisatie: Van der Meer - Advies
Phone: +31 6 46 84 23 31

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